By Grace Lynne
Empathy + Design


b. 1986, HK.


About Me

Grace Lynne is a Los Angeles born painter and designer who centers her work around the modern day African American woman and her relationship to femininity. She strives to explore the intersections between culture, color, femininity, and the African Diaspora at large. She is also a social practice designer interested in the intersection between empathy, art and design. She utilizes design as a tool for communication and impact, and strives to stimulate empathy and critical thinking through art. Her unique background in both Illustration and Design has allowed her to develop a unique style of raising awareness.

Grace Lynne received a Bachelor's in Illustration and Social Practice. Her work has been published in New American Paintings, Creative Quarterly, the American Illustration Annual, and The El Camino Myriad. She has exhibited at the Ontario Museum of History and Art, Paul Robeson Gallery, Los Angeles Municipal Gallery and the New Image Art Gallery. Grace will be having her first Los Angeles solo show in April 2020 at the Band of Vices gallery where she will be showcasing her most recent works.

Resume available upon request.